Residential window tinting in Pembroke Pines, Weston, FL

Posted on: November 10th, 2016

Everything that you need to know about residential window tinting

Just as you tint your car windows for safety and privacy you can also do the same at home with the best quality residential window tinting solutions. If you are in need of these tinting solutions, then give us a call at West Broward Tint. Our experts will install them in your home windows properly, thereby ensuring years of durability and protection against excessive glare, everyday accidents and sun damage. People residing in and around Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach and Weston can reap the untold benefits of our wide range of residential window tints.

The many benefits of installing our residential window tints

  • Safety- it will guard from injuries resulting from broken glass. Earthquake, heavy rain and accidents may result, untreated glass in breaking into several pieces, some so tiny that it goes undetected. A window tint can add to the glass the layer of strength to hold it in place during damage. Windows that are tinted is difficult to break thereby acting as a barrier from intruders. A thick security window tint will offer additional protection from natural disasters and strong winds
  • Privacy- it will add protection and privacy to just any room in the house. A window tint can be used on a glass door panel, bedroom, bathroom or a street facing window. A window tint at home applies the same rule as a car window tint, people inside can see outside yet those outside cannot see in thereby protecting the property and privacy
  • Decoration- a window tint at home can help in adding a decorative element and in just any room. Those that are sandblasted or textured can turn a plain glass into an exquisite work of art. The specialty of tinted films is that it can be changed, removed or used as a mural for creating a picture window

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