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Posted on: December 4th, 2015

Pros and cons of residential window tint

Windows add a touch of distinction and elegance and can be tinted just like the windows of your vehicle to reduce heat gain in the summer. After having properly installed in your property, tinted windows will last for several years and protect your home against the excessive glare of the sun and frequent accidents. So, not long past, residential window tint became increasingly popular in various kinds of home decorations. However, before heading at our West Broward Window Tinting company operating in FL, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Broward, Sunrise and Weston to inquire about the different types of home window tinting also known as solar window film, first you must consider its pros and cons as given below:


  1. Residential window tint blocks the incoming sun’s damaging ultra-violet (UV) light up to 90%.
  2. By applying a quality tinting film on your home windows, heat and AC loss through windows will minimize, thereby, saving you money on monthly home utility bills.
  3. With window tinting films, you can protect your fabrics, such as- curtains, drapes and carpets as well as all the furniture in your home from fading.
  4. Tinted window acts as an added security feature in greatly minimizing the chances of shattering of window panes and injuring the inhabitants of the household.
  5. Window tinting gives a perfect finishing touch to the style and overall appearance of your residence, i.e., adds a decorative element to your home.
  6. Window tint acts as an extra layer of insulation. It prevents heat loss through the windowpane during the daytime while still letting sufficient amount of light from outside to keep the home interiors bright.


Even though, tinted windows provide increased privacy during the daytime but still the outside people can peep in through into your windows at night if you have the lights on in a room.

While deciding whether or not residential window tinting is a good window treatment option for you, it is always essential to keep the above factors in mind. For more information about tinting the windows in your residential property, contact our professional window contractors with over 20 years of experience at 754-234-1890 today as they can suggest the best types of tints for your specific window requirements and clear your doubts if you have any. Now, the choice is all yours…

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