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Posted on: March 6th, 2016


Four Types Of Auto Window Tinting

Are you considering window tinting your vehicle in the near future… ?

Although auto window tinting can be a “do it yourself” job, it is recommended to hire an experienced professional. That way you can stay assured you will get the quality outcome you desire.

An auto window tinting professional will use higher grade film to ensure that it’s applied without creases, crinkles, air bubbles or debris. You should weigh all your options before you choose the type of film that best fits your needs.

Here are four types of auto window tinting you should take in consideration:

Ceramic film

There are plenty of reasons you should consider getting a ceramic film. Ceramic window films consists of an adhesive layer bonded to a thin ceramic layer protected by a top coat.

Ceramic window film is very effective at blocking heat, UV rays and light glare. In addition, it does not fade and it allows radio signals to pass through it.

Hybrid tinting film

This type of film is designed to offer both dyed and metalized films. It is made out of an adhesive layer, a dyed layer, a metalized layer, and a protective top coat, all bonded together with laminating adhesive.

Hybrid tinting films block UV rays and heat very effectively, most hybrid films reduce fading and increase the durability of the film. Also, because less metal is used, this type of film doesn’t interfere with cell phones and radio signals.

Metalized window film

A good option can be the metalized window film. It is made out of several layers. A base layer of adhesive bonds the film to your window. This is followed by a layer of film treated to block ultraviolet radiation, which is then bonded to a metalized layer that reflects heat and darkens the window.

Metalized window films are very effective at blocking UV rays and heat. It doesn’t fade over time and is extremely durable.

Dyed window tinting

This type of film is made by placing a layer of dye between an adhesive layer and a protective polyester top coating. The adhesive layer sticks to the window glass, and the top coating prevents nicks and scratches.

Dyed window tinting produces the darkest effect and it is non-reflective. In addition, it reduces fading from sunlight and blocks unwanted glare from headlights and other bright lights.

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