Coral Springs FL professional car and auto window tinting

Posted on: February 1st, 2016

Car and auto window tinting regulates sunlight and harmful radiation

If you are thinking about auto window tinting in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Sunrise or Weston, FL then West Boward Tint can help. You probably already know about all the good reasons to get car window tinting such as UV screening, temperature control, greater comfort, protection of upholstery, glare reduction, enhanced privacy, improved security and many more. These are all good reasons why so many car owners are considering auto window tinting.

Window tinting seems like a simple matter but there is a lot of science and engineering that goes into the construction of window tint film. Window tints are made from polyester laminate which is usually treated with different chemicals in order to provide aesthetics and durability. These chemicals also contain scratch resistant properties and bonding adhesives.

As you probably know the light that comes from the sun is made up of different wavelengths and these include ultra violet light as well as visible light as well as bands of radiation. Auto window tinting includes cutting edge technologies that can filter and regulate the amount of visible light, UV rays and radiation rays that are part of sunlight. By filtering and regulating these bands of light car window tinting can protect you from excessive exposure to radiation whilst providing related benefits such as temperature improvement and glare reduction.

Glare reduction reduces eye strain and irritations and improves driving safety. UV filtering helps protect your eyes, skin and vehicle upholstery. Car window tints can also improve the look and aesthetics of your vehicle.

There are different applications for window tinting including car window tinting, home window tinting and boat window tinting. The great thing about dealing with a company such as West Broward is that they also offer mobile window tinting which means they come to you to do your auto window tinting, saving you hassles, time and money.





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