Coral Springs Car and Auto Window Tinting

Posted on: July 27th, 2015

Are considering tinting your car? Do you know what type of auto window tinting you want? There are 4 types of auto window tinting, depending on your preferences and your needs. Tinting your car is not only about giving your car a sporty and interesting look, it is also about increasing safety and prolonging the lifespan of your car upholstery. Believe it or not, car tinting can be a great gas saving solution too.

For more information or purchasing auto window tinting contact a professional tinting company to help you through the process in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, and Weston FL.

Metalized auto window tinting

Metalized auto tinting is created by putting together several layers of different materials, each of them having a well-defined scope. The first layer is the base, followed by a layer that blocks UV light, then a metalized layer which reflects darkness and heat, and the final one is for preventing scratches.

This type of auto window tinting is perfect for blocking the UV rays, blocking heat, and it doesn’t deteriorate in time. Nonetheless, keep in mind that metalized window tinting might interfere with radio technology and stop the signal to your cellphone.

Dyed auto window tinting

Dyed auto window tinting is composed by a layer of dye, put between a protective top coating and adhesive layer. Dyed window film blocks between 5 to 50% of the light that enters your car.

This type of tint is non-reflective, affordable, and it does not block radio frequencies. The disadvantage is that in time the UV rays can change the black color into purple; it is not as effective at blocking heat as other window tints.

Hybrid auto window tinting

This type of film is the combination between the two window tints we talked above. The best thing about it is that it brings together the advantages of dyed and metalized film, while reducing the disadvantages.

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