Car window tinting in Pembroke Pines and Pompano Beach, FL

Posted on: February 28th, 2017

6 good reasons to choose car window tinting solutions

Are you looking for a company that offers the best quality car window tinting solutions, then help is at hand. We at West Broward Tint will be the right choice. Our experts will offer you tinting solutions resting on your needs and personal preferences. Our service areas include the different parts of Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach and Weston.

Explore the top 6 benefits of tinting your car windows

Although there is a host of benefits that you can enjoy by tinting your car windows, but the top 6 are as follows namely,

  • Decrease heat- our window film solutions can offer you up to 65% solar energy rejection compared to untreated automotive glass. Naturally a cooler interior will offer more comfort along with reducing your AC usage significantly, which in turn will improve the gas mileage and extend the unit’s life
  • Reduce fading- our window films will work wonders in blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays while reducing heat significantly. Cutting down these primary causes of fading will work wonders in protecting and extending the life of the interior of the car including dashboard, wood trim, carpets and seats
  • Reduce health risks- The exposure to UV rays will pose health risks, both for your skin and eyes. Our window films will offer an effective sunscreen guard against the sun’s harmful effects
  • Keeps hazardous glare away- glare from the headlights or the sun at night is likely to blind the vision while on the road. In fact the best part to reduce this condition will be to use car tints on the rear and side windows
  • Boost up security and safety- a thick automotive protection film will provide an additional safety level during an accident along with the security of possessions from car theft
  • Improve appearance- we offer a wide array of window films to cater all forms of cars, SUVs or trucks. Right from dark colors to invisible films, there are a variety of shades to offer the appearance you want

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