Window tinting in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Posted on: December 24th, 2015

Home Window Tinting: Brief Introduction

Would you like to know more about home window tinting…?

Window tinting is a film applied to windows to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through the glass by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption of the glass.

If the sun’s heat is particularly bothersome in a heavily used room, tinting the windows on the side of the house will help a lot. The decision on which type of home window tinting to buy depends on your individual needs.

There are several types of film that serve different functions.

  • Insulating films: They reflect the sun’s heat, cooling the interior of your home. They also lower energy costs!
  • Glare-reducing films: Reduce glare, making it easier to see computer and television screens while also blocking UV rays.
  • Privacy films: Blocks UV rays and offers privacy to the home. Are often frosted and translucent, allowing light in while preventing anyone outside from seeing in. Mirrored privacy films offer daytime privacy, as do black static-cling films.
  • Colored window tint: These can be translucent or frosted for more privacy. There are even “stained glass” films available for an intriguing decorative look without the work or expense of actual stained glass.

Here are some terms you should be familiar with for when you decide to purchase window films:

  • Light transmission is a measure of how light or dark a tint is.
  • Total solar energy rejection describes how well the film keeps UV rays and heat out.
  • UV rejection refers to how much UV A and B rays are blocked by the film.
  • Visible light reflectance measures how much visible light the film reflects.
  • Shading coefficient means the ability of the tint to reduce heat gain.

Keep in mind!

Before starting any window tinting project make sure you have everything you need by gathering all of your materials in advance. For a successful home window tinting process you have to choose a cloudy but dry day that is not too cold nor too hot.

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