Home and Residential Window Tinting in Sunrise FL, Weston, Coral Springs

Posted on: July 16th, 2014

Home and residential window tinting saves energy and more


Window tinting, be it home window tinting or car window tinting is not only trendy, it is also practical and beneficial.  Windows let the light shine in, enable you to see outside and you can also open them for fresh air. Windows also play a big role in the temperature of your home in Sunrise, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale or Broward. So apart from there aesthetic values, windows have practical applications.

In winter you can lose a great amount of heat through your windows and in summer the opposite occurs. Residential window tinting can solve this problem. By tinting the windows of your home you prevent excessive heat loss in the cold winter months and this in turn results in energy savings. With tinted windows you won’t need to run your heat pump so hard and this in turn will increase the lifespan of your AC system. The same holds true for those warm summer months when tinted windows will retain more heat and you won’t need the AC as much to keep you cool and comfortable.

But temperature control is not the only reason to tint your windows. By keeping out harmful UV rays tinted windows not only protect you and your loved ones, they also reduce fading of furniture and carpets.  Since the tint film strengthens your window they will be harder to break and will reduce the amount of shattered glass in the event that a breakage occurs. Window tinting will also take care of that annoying summer glare which is not only uncomfortable, but can actually damage your eyes.  Then tinting also provides greater privacy as it prevents nosy people from seeing inside your home.

So there are some great and compelling reasons for having your home windows tinted. West Broward Tint performs professional residential and home window tinting in and around Broward County, Florida.

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